The Museum’s vision and philosophy are built upon the premise that human rights, freedom, and tolerance are the truly unbreakable foundations of human existence and continuity and that, in reality, one cannot exist without the others.

  Freedom is the most basic human right: its existence guarantees that of all other human rights. Freedom is built upon the tolerance of humanity in all its diversity. Tolerance is instrumental in maintaining and sustaining human rights and freedom.

  The main goal of the Museum is to teach the public about the inseparable ties between freedom, human rights, and tolerance and to tell the story of human tragedy, dignity, and struggle for justice by collecting and exhibiting artifacts, documents, photographs and other audio-visual materials.

 These materials will help unfold a panoramic view of many important and tragic events in human history and in modern times, and will demonstrate the difficulties involved in humanity’s quest to create a civilization grounded in tolerance – the only possible way for our world to survive.

  The Museum will preserve the memory of victims as well as that of their rescuers and liberators, educate the public about the danger of prejudice, racism, and stereotyping, and explain the values of diversity, mutual respect, and understanding.

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