Cultural Programs


Cultural programs

As part of its mission to promote cultural awareness the Museum is creating a unique concert series that will present a powerful message of hope and tolerance. The theme for the first season will be “Never Losing Hope: Music of the Oppressed in the 20th Century”. The series will offer mixed programs featuring classical, jazz and folk music interspersed with poetry readings and video and audio selections. All programs will also include cultural and historical discussions.

The programs will be presented by the group of performers led by Dr. Luba Sindler, piano. They will also feature world-class guest artists.The first season will include three concerts, to be held at the new Jersey Institute of Technology  (NJIT) Campus Center Hall in December 2011, as well as February and April, 2012. The featured works (to name a few) will include the pieces inspired by the 1983 famine in Ethiopia, personal loss reinforced by universal suffering during WWII, persecution of ordinary people behind the Iron Curtain and a rare homage from America to the people of Georgia.

Please stay tuned for further announcements.

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