Holocaust commemoration events conducted by MHRFT

On January 27, 2019, MHRFT marked the International Holocaust Remembrance Day in a solemn ceremony. After the memorial prayer delivered by Rabbi Mendy Lubin (Chabad of SE Morris County) and introductory remarks by President Igor Kotler, Boris Shapiro read a survivor story of his father, Semion Shapiro, who miraculously escaped the massacre of the Jews of his shtetl. Alexander Mushkin talked about the Museum and his family’s experience in WWII and Museum’s volunteer Gideon Frydman told the story of his family suffering and survival in Lublin (Poland). Participants of the ceremony commemorated the victims with lighting candles and concluded with a prayer for peace.

On May 1, 2019, the Holocaust and Heroism Commemoration Day (Yom HaShoah on the Jewish calendar) observance ceremony was held at the Millburn Free Public Library.

Event program featured presentations on the origins and lessons of the Holocaust and survivor accounts, made by MHRF staff and volunteers. Dr. Stephen Bronner (Professor of Political Science, Rutgers University) shared his insight into innovative approaches to Holocaust education.

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