A Welcome Note

Dear friends, we would like to welcome you to the inaugural release of the quarterly newsletter published by the Museum of Human Rights, Freedom and Tolerance (MHRFT). 

In a little over a year since its establishment, the Museum has received a status of a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization, held several events including a major exhibition, participated in a number of conferences, had its staff grown from four founding members to over ten active contributors, and gained a growing family of enthusiastic supporters organized into the Founders Club.

We are very grateful for your support that will allow us to deliver on the vision of turning the Museum into a world-class institution, and look forward to sharing with you more good news.


August 3-4, 2011

MHRFT at the inaugural UNHCR Refugee Congress

On August 3-4, Igor Kotler, MHRFT President and Executive Director, participated in the work of the First Refugee Congress hosted by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) agency in Washington, DC. The two-day event organized by UNHCR to mark the 60th anniversary of the UN Refugee Convention was the first Refugee Congress to be held in the United States. It featured a group of 60 current or former refugees and asylum-seekers. Meetings, discussions and exchange of ideas held during the event by Mr. Kotler helped increase the visibility of the Museum within the refugee community and establish key relationships that will lead to new events and projects conducted by the Museum.


April 7, 2011

MHRFT to present the Assyrian Exhibition at a Holocaust Conference in Pennsylvania 

The Museum of Human Rights, Freedom and Tolerance is presenting the exhibition “From A Crime Without A Name” To “Genocide’: The Simele Massacre of Assyrians, Iraq, August 1933” at the 31st Annual Conference on the Holocaust and Genocide at the Millersville University in Pennsylvania on April 7, 2011. The conference program also features the presentation by the MHRFT President and Executive Director Igor Kotler titled “Genocidal Ideologies Among Nationalists in the Former Soviet Union”.  More information about the conference is available at


MHRFT at the “Forgotten Genocides” Conference in Rutgers University 

On March 29, 2011, the Museum presented the exhibition “From A Crime Without A Name” To “Genocide’: The Simele Massacre of Assyrians, Iraq, August 1933” to the participants of the conference “Forgotten Genocides: Silence, Memory, Denial“ that took place in the Rutgers University. 

The opening of the exhibition at Rutgers-Newark and presentation at the conference were the first results of a partnership between the Museum of Human Rights, Freedom and Tolerance and the Center for the Study of Genocide, Conflict Resolution, and Human Rights (CGCHR) at Rutgers-Newark led by eminent Rutgers scholar Professor Alexander Hinton. Both organizations look forward to expanding their collaboration.

The presentation was very well received and inspired an active discussion. As a result of the presentation, the Museum was able to establish new contacts with several institutions from around the world. More information about the exhibition is available at

More information about the conference is available at

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